Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday, are you back again already??

Happy Monday, everyone!!  Even though I am on summer break, which is kind of like one long weekend, I still hate to see Monday come around!! I am going back to work next week, so I know this one is going to fly right by!!

It was a great weekend, with plenty of relaxing around the house.  Also, we went to see Man of Steel (finally!!) and went to BJ's to sample some more of their Enlightened menu. ( I am telling you, get over there, it is delicious!)
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Let me tell you, if you have not seen Man Of Steel yet, you have to go. It has great special effects and a good story. Also, Henry Cavill, who is the new Superman, is ripped.  Staring at him is not a bad way to kill a few hours!!

I guess I should work on my shredding today.  I have about 4 boxes of old bills and junk mail that need to get in my shredder and there are only a few days left in my vacation.  Boo!!

Have a great Monday (if that is even possible!!)

Saturday's Menu
Breakfast/lunch: Thai food - basil beef, orange chicken, rice, noodles with shrimp
Snacks: 1 pluot, 1 banana
Dinner: leftover Thai noodles with shrimp

Workout: yoga - NOT!!! We took it as a rest day

Sunday's menu:
Breakfast: sammy made with 1 whole wheat bagel thin, 1 scrambled egg, 2 turkey sausage patties
Lunch: salad made with chicken breast, corn salad, lettuce, Bolthouse yogurt ranch.
Dinner: BJ'S mahi mahi from enlightened menu, pint of lightswitch lager
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Snacks: 1 peach, 1 pepper jack cheese stick, movie popcorn shared with the hubster

Workout: Sprawl and Brawl (TapouT XT)


  1. When you said you better get to shredding I thought you meant Jillian Michael's work out!lol
    Thanks for the movie recommendation.

  2. Lol!! I don't have any of her workouts.


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