Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Viva Las Vegas (part 2)

Day 2 of our Vegas adventure began with a timeshare presentation. You know how they tell you it is 90 minutes??? Do not believe them, they lie like a scale on a bathroom floor!  We were there 4 hours. Four.Hours. And we had slept probably the same amount the night before.  Ohhhhhh jeez! We were delirious, we bought into the timeshare. I'm not upset about that. We already had one and we enjoy it a lot. I hope we like this one just as much.

After that, we were a. Starving and b. Ready to relax. 

 For lunch we hit a build your own burger restaurant on the property of our new timeshare (Owners, ya'll!). That place is amazeballs! I got the veggie pattie with chipotle ketchup, white vinaigrette, pepper jack, and olive salad on a whole wheat bun. We shared the sweet potato fries.  I only ate half, and it was super delish! Oh, and a Bud Light to go with. Mmmmm

After lunch, we packed up the cooler with beer and I dumped a Mike's hard cranberry lemonade into my plastic rubbermaid water bottle (just keepin it classy) and we headed to the pool. The pool and spa were indoors, but there was a nice sun deck outside, so after a quick dip, the adults headed out there for beverages and conversation. We relaxed and had a great time!!

After getting ready for another night out, we headed to Fremont Street for some Old Town Vegas action.  We started with a detour at the Peppermill, an old-school diner with a great bar. After some blue Hawaiians and fried appetizers, it was back in the cab for our downtown adventure.

We started at Binion's, where the hubster got us some footballs full of Chasing the Dragon (juice and rum and yumminess) and then it was time to hit the tables. Two casinos later we had won more money, not enough to retire on, but we paid for all our meals with cash this weekend, and still had the money we had brought with us, plus a little extra!!  Finally, back to the room for another nap before it was time to go home.
Mr. C sure was thirsty!!!

On our way out of town on Monday, we stopped at our favorite breakfast place, Hash House A Go-Go. Huge portions of delicious food at more than reasonable prices. Any place that offers a tallboy can of Budweiser and a strip of bacon as a breakfast is cool with me! But I had fried chicken Benedict.

Then we drove. And drove. And drove. Until we were home.

I love Vegas weekends. 

P.S. I wasn't only up in $$ when I got home, I was also up 7 lbs. Boo. Mostly water weight that is already coming off.

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