Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fair Warning!!!!

Raise your hand if you have been to your local county fair.  Raise your hand again if you spent $50 on 100 ride tickets for your (4, but they aren't all mine, I will explain later) kids to ride 2 rides each, and 1 extra ride for 2 of those kids.  Yep, that would be $50 for 10 rides, or......$5 a ride. WTF!!!!!

They were selling unlimited ride wristbands for $30 per person, but I had H, and her cousins B, N, and R. It would have cost me $120 for wristbands for the kids!!! (Knott's Berry Farm, a nearby theme park with actual rides is offering discounted tickets for $37.99 right now, so for $8 more per person, you could just go there!!!!) 

I neglected to mention that we had gotten into the fair free and received a free ride each because it was We Care Wednesday and we donated 5 cans of food each. The cost of the rides didn't include our free ones. H and B picked a ginormous sick ride that would have cost 20 tickets each. (If you do the math, at 50 cents per ticket, that one ride cost 10 dollars per person to ride. That's right, I said it, 10 dollars per person for one stinkin ride. Come on people!!!)

H and B on a ride that costs $10 per person to ride!

N and R on a ride that cost $7 per person to ride.

You might be wondering which fair I took my little group to. I really don't want to say, but it rhymes with Morange Mounty. Not clear enough?? Cough *Orange County* cough
We went to the animal fair!!

So after being charged an arm, leg, and first born child for the kids to ride a few rides, we took a tour through the animal barns.  We learned that: cows always look so calm, like they don't even know they are made of steak; pigs are superdeeduper stinky, even when their pens are fairly clean; and finally, turkeys are huge and don't say gobble, gobble.

Taking a minute to pet a giant ox.

Lunchtime arrived and we split up: B got a giant smoked sausage and hers was $9.75. N and R shared fried chicken and a buttload of fries for $9.50, the cousins all shared 1 souvenir cup that cost $5 and could be refilled for $2.75. For 3 people, their lunch cost around $25. H and I each got one bbq sandwich, they were $10.75 each, and we made one a combo with a souvenir cup and fries for $6.  For this add-on, we received the bonus of 8 measly waffle fries. The lady handed me the plate and said "Here's your fries."  I almost asked her if she had sampled them before she handed them to us, there were so few on the plate!!  The cost for H and I to eat lunch was nearly $28 for 2 people!!! Holy smokes, we could have gone to Chili's or Applebee's for that amount of money. Ridonkulous, people!!!! (N and R got full so H and I ate their leftover fries)

The deets on my eats for the last 2 days

Tuesday's Menu:
Breakfast: Special K vanilla almond with coconut almond milk
Lunch: Thai chicken salad at BJ's from their Enlightened menu. (I thought Applebee's had a great light menu, but BJ's blows them clean out of the water.  All the entrees are under 575 calories, and they even have a bison burger and glazed salmon!!!)
Snack: banana with peanut butter
Dinner: tri-tip steak with half a sweet potato and veggies
Snack: spaghetti squash with tomato sauce

Workout: TapouT XT legs and back. It's squats, lunges, push-ups, and back exercises done with resistance bands. I was drenched in sweat when I got done and I didn't do an entire 30 second exercise because I needed a rest.

Wednesday's Menu:
Breakfast: omelet (2 egg) with spaghetti squash, tomato sauce, and a little mozzarella 
Lunch: bbq turkey sandwich with fries. (I also ate some fried chicken skin {heaven!!}) with Sierra Mist and Diet Pepsi. Hayley and I were sharing a cup so we compromised on drinks.
Dinner: leftover steak, spaghetti squash, and veggies

Workout: it's supposed to be cardio XT, but I am beat from walking in the sun all day. (Not to mention the hour and a half drive home.) It's already 8:30 pm and I am really not feeling it.  If the hubster comes out and says hey we need to work out, I will do it. If he is good with no workout then so am I!! We did wind up doing the workout. I may have worked a little slower than usual, but I finished and wound up with a nice little sweaty glow for my efforts.

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