Friday, July 12, 2013

This is my confession...(credit to Usher for the use of his lyrics)

I cannot break my addiction to Coke Zero.  I love Coke Zero like a fat kid loves cake.  It is the fruit of my loom.  It's not just a beverage, it's my best friend.  Do I need to continue???  Seriously, this is a problem. I know that it is as bad for my teeth as meth (which I am not addicted to, so don't judge me for loving a sugar free drink, it could be so much worse!!)

  I have managed to get it down to one a day (usually).  I drink water or iced tea, and always, always, always, I have a cup of coffee from my beloved Keurig with coffeemate each morning.  I also really like seltzer water and club soda (the low sodium kind).  Have you tried La Croix mineral water?  It is the shizzle fo sho!  No artificial anything, just bubbly water and natural flavors with no sugar.  The hubster thinks it tastes like ass. 
It doesn't, for the record.

Should I feel bad that I can't (won't, to be honest) stop drinking Coke Zero?  I do so many other good things.  I mean, I'm not drowning kittens or anything, just ingesting a potentially poisonous liquid combination of artificial ingredients and chemicals. I know I should stop.  I know it is bad for me.  I know that my kidneys would appreciate the break.  But it tastes so dang good.  Why, why, why does it have to taste so good????? 

And that is my confession!  My name is Lisapedia, and I am a Coke Zero addict.

Friday's Menu

Breakfast: 2 turkey sausage patties w/2 scrambled eggs, lowfat cheddar cheese
Lunch: quinoa with roasted veggies and fresh mozzarella 

Snack:  banana with peanut butter (would you expect anything less?)
Dinner: my MIL made Korean food tonight: bulgogi and kalbi with rice.  OMG, it was bomb!!!

Workout: we didn't (wah wah wah!)  it was supposed to be TapouT XT plyo, but it was C's last night at home, and we went to my MIL's house.  I don't feel bad about missing it.  This was the first day of week 7 and according to my calendar, I have missed 3 workouts.  (I have to confess at this time that we do not do the yoga video that is supposed to be on day 4 of each week. I freakin hate that video.  It is a workout for the arms that is being sold as yoga.  It is so not yoga. I have been to yoga.  You do not do a bajillion planks in a real yoga class.  WTF!?!?!? I wish the program had a stretch video like P90x.  I really liked that one. We loaned our set to a friend and it has disappeared. Poop!!! I HATED P90x yoga.  That was some complete BS. 45 minutes of vinyasas?? Really, Tony Horton?  The last half was actually pretty good, though.  Although I have to confess that my two favorite poses were happy baby and corpse.  I wonder why???? Lazy, party of 1!)

Enjoy the weekend!!!!

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