Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Little of Something is Better Than a Lot of Nothing!

I have been coming down with a little something, probably a cold that I am pretty sure I received as a gift from one of my kiddos this week! As a result, I haven't been feeling into working out. I made myself do it despite feeling crappy.  They weren't the greatest workouts, I had to take more rest breaks and didn't do as many reps with as much energy as normal, but I still completed them. A lighter, slower workout is definitely better than none at all.

I have been enjoying my class. This was our first full week together, and it has definitely been challenging at times to get these little ones to follow class rules and remain calm.  4 year olds can wind each other up so quickly!  My room finally looks complete, I will post some pics in the next blog so you can see the before and afters!

I cooked every meal I ate this week, with the exception of last night's cheat meal. We got a group of friends together to go to a little Japanese bbq /sushi house and enjoyed grilled meats, sushi rolls, sake, beer, dessert, and each other's company. The best idea of the night was for each couple to order a different dessert and pass them around the table so everyone got a little taste of each. So yummy!!!

I lost 2 more lbs this week for a grand total of 19 so far!! It averages to about 5 lbs a month, but the losses have not been steady. I lose, plateau, then lose a little more and start the cycle all over again. It's a slow process, but definitely worth the effort.

This weekend, I made some play dough for my kiddos, cleaned the house with the assistance of H and B, and relaxed with good company.
 All in all a highly successful 2 days!  Now I am off to the store to load up on healthy goodness for the coming week!

Food for the week:
Breakfasts: either a sammy made of a sandwich thin, turkey sausage, egg, and light cheese; or a protein shake
Lunches: leftover salmon with half a yam,  leftover jerk pork with brown rice, a salad with yogurt dressing
Snacks: fruit, light cheese, protein shakes, juice for workout energy
Dinners: salmon with yams, salsa turkey with cheese grits, steak with polenta, jerk pork with brown rice and mango salsa, Japanese bbq and sushi

Workouts: TapouT XT: plyo, cardio, strength and force upper, Muay Thai 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Work Hard, Play Harder

On Saturday night, the hubster and I went out with another couple. We had intended to go cosmic bowling, and we headed over to a new bowling alley near our friends' house, which was convenient since H was babysitting for them so they could go out.

We arrived at the bowling alley, and we encountered a really fun-looking, large bar, where a live band was playing classic rock and pitchers of beer were selling for $13.50 (you call it, Coors Light was the same price as imports!!!). Needless to say, no bowling occurred that night, but we shared some pitchers and played shuffleboard and darts and enjoyed people watching all night! And we had some nachos and assorted fried foods for our cheat night!!! Yum.

The next day, I was sick. (This is girl code for hungover.) I did absolutely nothing for most of the day, until I managed to get myself together enough to go grocery shopping. After that, I came home and was asleep by 9 pm. We didn't even do our workout. :(

On the brighter side, I am super jazzed at how much our grocery bill has gone down since I stopped buying processed foods. I could spend $200 a week easily when we were eating from a box. This week, I spent $133. Score!! We are eating great stuff like steak, chicken breast, and salmon. We are going out way less as well, so this eating cleaner plan is not only making us healthier, it is saving us a crapload of money as well.

On non-cheat days, I am having a hard time meeting my calorie goal.  For example, I need to eat 500 more calories tonight. There is no way that is going to happen. I am afraid of eating too much and I am afraid of eating too little.  I eat when I am hungry for the most part, but my snacks are usually fruit, so they aren't calorie heavy, and my meals are pretty small as well. I would like, in an ideal world, to have 3 meals that are around 400 calories and a few snacks that added up to about 400 calories. That would get me to my 1600 goal easily. It's hard to do when I am working, though, since there aren't many breaks.  I even have trouble getting enough water in; today, I only had one 20 oz travel cup.  When I stay home, I drink at least 3. Now, I am dehydrated and have a headache when I work out. Boo!


Sunday - skipped 
Monday- it's yoga day which usually means no workout, but I feel like I need to do something, especially since we didn't workout yesterday!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Finally Friday!!

Hello, all! I am so glad it's Friday! When you are off for the summer, you forget how good you feel at the end of the day on Friday. I only taught 2 days this week, and spent 2 setting up my classroom. I am exhausted and need this weekend badly!!

I managed to keep up with my workouts this week, with the exception of Tuesday, when I had dinner with some girlfriends.  I am happy to say that I start week 10 of TapouT XT today. The time has gone by so fast. We are already thinking ahead to what we can do when we are finished. I have a ton of videos that really are now useless to me, because I am beyond the fitness level that they are intended to serve! I have finally found the fit girl that was hiding inside me and it feels really good!

Also, my eating has been pretty on point this week. I didn't even have a cheat meal, and I stayed under my calories all week.  I have been eating small portions, rounding out my lunch with a salad and yogurt dressing, and eating mostly fruit for snacks. Despite this, my scale is showing a small gain, but I have been really bloated (I know this because my ring wouldn't slide off like it usually does). More water is definitely needed. It is hard to get it in when you are teaching though.

I am loving my class so far. I had a few criers, but for the most part, the kids are sweet and willing to follow directions.

Here are my diet logs:



Monday: rest day
Tuesday: off due to dinner with friends
Wednesday: cross core combat
Thursday: rest day
Friday: competition core

Gotta rest up, back to work again Monday!!!

Monday, July 29, 2013

It's Day 60!!

Day 60 has finally arrived!! I am 2/3 of the way through TapouT XT. I have also been doing MFP for about a week and a half, and I am down 3 lbs from that. Here come the progress pics:
Boom!!! Even though I have only lost 5 lbs in the last 60 days (and 3 of them were just this week), there has been a major shrinkage in my body. I am really amazed at the change that can be made in such a short period of time. It's so crazy to me. There are only 3 and 1/2 weeks left in the program (it's not really 90 days, it's 12 weeks).  

Another thing that I have noticed changing is my relationship with food.  I am able to eat smaller portion sizes and still feel satisfied.  I don't experience sugar cravings at all, and I have no problem resisting bad foods when I don't want to eat them.  The other night, we hung out with some friends, and rather than diving into the chips and salsa, I hit the veggie tray, and I didn't feel like I was missing out, even on the giant chocolate chip cookies they had that I didn't even taste. I did help myself to some beer, we played beer pong (so appropriate for someone over 40 lol), and we had a shot of tequila.

Sunday was full of drama, because my niece B went to the reptile store and bought herself a snake while her mom was out of town.  There was no way that my SIL was going to let the snake love at her house.  Long story short, H has been wanting a snake, so I had told her that if she kept her grades up all this school year, I would get her one.  Needless to say, now the deal is that H has to keep her grades up all year or I will sell the snake on Craigslist.  Here is a pic of Hanz, our new family member:
He is a ball python.  Welcome to the zoo, Hanz.

I know I haven't posted in a while, I am not going to give you the full rundown of my entire diet. Here are a few pics from MFP so you can see what I have been eating.

My workouts have been pretty steady. Thursday was rest day :) Friday was cardio XT, Saturday was strength and force upper, which is a ton of arm, shoulder, and chest work with resistance bands.  On Sunday, we did plyo.  I hate that one.  It is mostly squats, lunges, and speed skaters with jumping.  It is the one video that never gets easier!  

That was the weekend in a nutshell!! Have a fabulous Monday, everyone!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Filing Cabinet Bites and other horrors

Today, I went back to school to see my classroom and begin setting it up for next year.  This is what I encountered when I walked in the door:
This does not look like an engaging learning environment.  I should mention that I am sharing a room with our site's preschool at his year, so it is not all my stuff.  I was the first to arrive in the room, however, so I started the work of putting it to order.

I worked for 6 hours today, stopping only for brief rests and to eat a peach and a handful of almonds.  I had planned to go out to grab lunch, but I just didn't want to take the time once I started working.  I had a little help moving the heavy stuff from my friend G and her mom. My upper arm got pinched in between two filing cabinets while we were moving them, giving me a filing cabinet bite.  It is a little bruised, not enough to show on a picture tonight, maybe if I sleep on it, it will get darker and really gross.  Here are the intermediate results of my hard work:
Not too bad for a day's work.  I still have a ton of boxes to unpack and I have to do all the decorating.  There is a lot of wall space!! Then there are lesson plans, name tags, etc.  I still have a ton to do! I will go back on Friday and continue working.

I took a nap after dinner. I was really tired.  My dinner was super yummy, though.  I put shredded beef in the crockpot before I left this morning, and when I got home, I turned it into these delicious tacos:
I ate them with nonfat refried beans and brown rice.  I didn't even feel guilty about eating a dinner that was over 700 calories because I didn't have a lunch.  And I still have enough calories in my bank to eat a substantial snack.

Since the school is closed tomorrow, I will relax before wading back into all the beginning of the year business.

Tuesday's Menu
Breakfast: bagel thin with peanut butter
Lunch: Tom Kha with brown rice (leftover)
Dinner: shrimp and grits and a pluot
Snacks: a banana with light string cheese, and a protein shake made with coconut almond milk and half a banana

Workout: Insanity plyo (shortened by only doing 1 round of the warmup and not stretching in the middle of the workout)

Wednesday's Menu:
Breakfast: 2 turkey sausage patties, 2 scrambled eggs with light cheddar cheese
Snack: peach and almonds; light popcorn
Dinner: 2 shredded beef tacos with brown rice and nonfat refried beans

Workout: the hubster came home late from work, and I had been doing physical labor moving furniture all day, so we skipped it. I did lift a Coors Light to my lips, though. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday, are you back again already??

Happy Monday, everyone!!  Even though I am on summer break, which is kind of like one long weekend, I still hate to see Monday come around!! I am going back to work next week, so I know this one is going to fly right by!!

It was a great weekend, with plenty of relaxing around the house.  Also, we went to see Man of Steel (finally!!) and went to BJ's to sample some more of their Enlightened menu. ( I am telling you, get over there, it is delicious!)
Photo via

Let me tell you, if you have not seen Man Of Steel yet, you have to go. It has great special effects and a good story. Also, Henry Cavill, who is the new Superman, is ripped.  Staring at him is not a bad way to kill a few hours!!

I guess I should work on my shredding today.  I have about 4 boxes of old bills and junk mail that need to get in my shredder and there are only a few days left in my vacation.  Boo!!

Have a great Monday (if that is even possible!!)

Saturday's Menu
Breakfast/lunch: Thai food - basil beef, orange chicken, rice, noodles with shrimp
Snacks: 1 pluot, 1 banana
Dinner: leftover Thai noodles with shrimp

Workout: yoga - NOT!!! We took it as a rest day

Sunday's menu:
Breakfast: sammy made with 1 whole wheat bagel thin, 1 scrambled egg, 2 turkey sausage patties
Lunch: salad made with chicken breast, corn salad, lettuce, Bolthouse yogurt ranch.
Dinner: BJ'S mahi mahi from enlightened menu, pint of lightswitch lager
Photo via
Snacks: 1 peach, 1 pepper jack cheese stick, movie popcorn shared with the hubster

Workout: Sprawl and Brawl (TapouT XT)

Friday, July 19, 2013

My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal, for people not familiar, is a website/app that helps you track your calories and exercise. My Fitness Pal, if you enter your weight as 149, height as 5'4", and age as 40, will give you a daily calorie allowance of 1300.  I find this to be complete BS. The way I believe it to work, in my tiny mind (ha, so not true!!) is that it is a pure calories in, calories out formula. It also appears that they take your goal weight and multiply it by 10 to get the calories needed for a loss of 1 lb per week. I know this because I have a set of 2 cookbooks called Eat Yourself Thin (these are really great cookbooks by the way!) that propose this same formula.  Of course, if you exercise, you get to eat more calories.  I was not finding MFP to be my pal!!! I am a hungry girl!!


I consulted with my girls on the Mama
Laughlin Fit Camp page, and some suggested using my BMR (basic metabolic rate), which is the number of calories needed to maintain my current weight if I did absolutely nothing more than normal human activity.  Then, I used the Baldwin equation to find my caloric need based on my actual activity level.  I came up with around 2100 calories based on my TapouT XT program.  Then I subtracted 500 calories to get a 3500 calorie deficit per week.  Now I will be eating 1600 calories per day. (If I can manage to stick to the program. My brain is screaming "What about my cheat meals!!!!")

The reason I am trying out the MFP program is that I have stagnated on my weight loss. I know that part of this is due to me building muscle from the strength training portion of TapouT.  But I would still like to see the scale move a little faster, and I sometimes wonder if I am eating too much, even though most of what I eat is healthy.  (For example, I normally eat a whole banana and guesstimate a tablespoon of peanut butter for my snack, but today, I only ate half the banana, and measured the peanut butter, which is like half the calories of my average snack, since I was way off with the pb!!!)

At the very least, I will gain a better perspective on how many calories I am actually eating.  I can use this to take it up or down depending on my activity level.  I will also be able to see the effect that the calories I am eating have on my weight loss.

And now on to the important stuff...
Our houseguest, T, shall henceforth be known to this blog as Mr. Tumnus.  H gave him this name, because his real name reminded her of the character Mr. Tumnus in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.  We have all taken to calling him this in conversation.

I have discovered that Mr. Tumnus is a sweet potato fairy.  Twice now, I have come downstairs to find a cooked sweet potato sitting out, waiting for someone to eat it.  The first time, it was on the kitchen counter.  The second time, it was on the dining room table.  I know that he means to take them with him for lunch, then he puts it down and forgets it! I, myself, am a coffee in travel mug fairy.  But I don't even think anyone notices. :(

The hubster tried to flood the kitchen filling the Brita jug today. Fortunately, I heard the water and was able to avert disaster!

If you fill the Brita this way, you CANNOT go outside to water the yard at the same time!

And on a sad note, I only have one week of vacation left before I go back to the salt mines.  I am warning you in advance not to expect to hear too very much about my work, because I have heard about too many teachers who lost their jobs because of something they wrote on their blog about their students, school, or district. Sorry in advance!!

Thursday's menu:
Breakfast: Special K vanilla almond with almond coconut milk
Lunch: half a croissant roast beef sandwich and various side salads (I was at a memorial service) 1 pb cookie
Dinner: Sriracha Salmon, half a sweet potato, corn salad
Snacks: a peach, a pluot, some cherries

Workout: rest day!

Friday's menu:
Breakfast: whole wheat bagel thin, 1 scrambled egg, 2 turkey sausage patties
Snack: half a banana, 1 tbs peanut butter
Lunch: sriracha salmon and half a sweet potato
Snack: peach and pepper jack cheese stick
Dinner: fried Mac n cheese balls, fried pickles, garlic cheese dip with pita chips, half a cheeseburger, 3 giant bites of coconut caramel chocolate cookie with ice cream. Beers. (Hurray for cheat meals!! This week, we went to Slater's 50/50.  Their burgers are huge and you can build it however you want it. The hubster and I shared our burger and we split the appetizers with another couple.  We shared the dessert with everyone at the table.  One of the best cheat meals ever!!)

Workout: TapouT XT competition core. Planks, push-ups, squats with resistance bands, short cardio intervals with high knees and mountain climbers. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fair Warning!!!!

Raise your hand if you have been to your local county fair.  Raise your hand again if you spent $50 on 100 ride tickets for your (4, but they aren't all mine, I will explain later) kids to ride 2 rides each, and 1 extra ride for 2 of those kids.  Yep, that would be $50 for 10 rides, or......$5 a ride. WTF!!!!!

They were selling unlimited ride wristbands for $30 per person, but I had H, and her cousins B, N, and R. It would have cost me $120 for wristbands for the kids!!! (Knott's Berry Farm, a nearby theme park with actual rides is offering discounted tickets for $37.99 right now, so for $8 more per person, you could just go there!!!!) 

I neglected to mention that we had gotten into the fair free and received a free ride each because it was We Care Wednesday and we donated 5 cans of food each. The cost of the rides didn't include our free ones. H and B picked a ginormous sick ride that would have cost 20 tickets each. (If you do the math, at 50 cents per ticket, that one ride cost 10 dollars per person to ride. That's right, I said it, 10 dollars per person for one stinkin ride. Come on people!!!)

H and B on a ride that costs $10 per person to ride!

N and R on a ride that cost $7 per person to ride.

You might be wondering which fair I took my little group to. I really don't want to say, but it rhymes with Morange Mounty. Not clear enough?? Cough *Orange County* cough
We went to the animal fair!!

So after being charged an arm, leg, and first born child for the kids to ride a few rides, we took a tour through the animal barns.  We learned that: cows always look so calm, like they don't even know they are made of steak; pigs are superdeeduper stinky, even when their pens are fairly clean; and finally, turkeys are huge and don't say gobble, gobble.

Taking a minute to pet a giant ox.

Lunchtime arrived and we split up: B got a giant smoked sausage and hers was $9.75. N and R shared fried chicken and a buttload of fries for $9.50, the cousins all shared 1 souvenir cup that cost $5 and could be refilled for $2.75. For 3 people, their lunch cost around $25. H and I each got one bbq sandwich, they were $10.75 each, and we made one a combo with a souvenir cup and fries for $6.  For this add-on, we received the bonus of 8 measly waffle fries. The lady handed me the plate and said "Here's your fries."  I almost asked her if she had sampled them before she handed them to us, there were so few on the plate!!  The cost for H and I to eat lunch was nearly $28 for 2 people!!! Holy smokes, we could have gone to Chili's or Applebee's for that amount of money. Ridonkulous, people!!!! (N and R got full so H and I ate their leftover fries)

The deets on my eats for the last 2 days

Tuesday's Menu:
Breakfast: Special K vanilla almond with coconut almond milk
Lunch: Thai chicken salad at BJ's from their Enlightened menu. (I thought Applebee's had a great light menu, but BJ's blows them clean out of the water.  All the entrees are under 575 calories, and they even have a bison burger and glazed salmon!!!)
Snack: banana with peanut butter
Dinner: tri-tip steak with half a sweet potato and veggies
Snack: spaghetti squash with tomato sauce

Workout: TapouT XT legs and back. It's squats, lunges, push-ups, and back exercises done with resistance bands. I was drenched in sweat when I got done and I didn't do an entire 30 second exercise because I needed a rest.

Wednesday's Menu:
Breakfast: omelet (2 egg) with spaghetti squash, tomato sauce, and a little mozzarella 
Lunch: bbq turkey sandwich with fries. (I also ate some fried chicken skin {heaven!!}) with Sierra Mist and Diet Pepsi. Hayley and I were sharing a cup so we compromised on drinks.
Dinner: leftover steak, spaghetti squash, and veggies

Workout: it's supposed to be cardio XT, but I am beat from walking in the sun all day. (Not to mention the hour and a half drive home.) It's already 8:30 pm and I am really not feeling it.  If the hubster comes out and says hey we need to work out, I will do it. If he is good with no workout then so am I!! We did wind up doing the workout. I may have worked a little slower than usual, but I finished and wound up with a nice little sweaty glow for my efforts.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I'm a cooker, not a hooker!

Yesterday, I tried spaghetti squash instead of my trusty shaved zucchini as a pasta substitute. I am sold, that stuff is amazing!!! And it's pretty darn easy, too.

I made mine with my chunky tomato sauce and baked chicken parm. I always worry about cooking for new people, but even our houseguest T loved it. Maybe next time I will try it with shrimp and lightened Alfredo sauce!!

I tried to write this up like a real recipe. Truth is, I don't measure when I am making stuff without a recipe. I guesstimated what the measurements might be, so you may need to tweak the spices to make it work for you.

I wish I was better at taking pictures.  Most of the time (ok, all of the time) I use my iPhone, because it's so much easier to use the blogger app than to use my laptop and lift pictures from my memory card!!! 

In addition to making up recipes in my own little brain, I also love to try new stuff from Pinterest. You can follow me there @Lisapedia. I have a board for healthy foods, one for all recipes, and even a vegan board.(I also have a board for alcohol called Raise Your Glass).

Happy hooking, oops, I mean cooking!!

Baked Chicken Parmigiana with Chunky Tomato Sauce and Spaghetti Squash

For the chicken:
1.5 lbs thin sliced chicken breast
Whole wheat Panko breadcrumbs
Kraft Parmesan Cheese (the grated kind in the plastic jar)
2 eggs
Olive oil spray

Whip the eggs in a shallow, wide bowl with a fork
Combine the breadcrumbs and cheese in another wide, shallow bowl. I don't have a measurement for this, but start with a half cup of crumbs and a quarter cup of parmesan,  and make more if you need to.
Dip the chicken in the egg, coat in breadcrumb mixture and place on a baking sheet ( I use a Pampered Chef stoneware pan, it provides great browning).
Continue dipping and coating the chicken.
Spritz the chicken lightly with olive oil 
Bake chicken 25-30 minutes or until done at 400 

For the spaghetti squash: (I recommend doing this step first)

1 large spaghetti squash

Cut the squash lengthwise and remove the seeds.  Place the squash cut side down in a baking dish with a half inch of water in it. Bake the squash 30-45 minutes at 375.

When squash is done, scrape the pulp with a fork and place in a bowl.  It will look similar to pasta noodles. Keep warm until ready to serve.

For the chunky tomato sauce:

2 cans fire roasted diced tomatoes
I heaping tablespoon minced garlic
1 tsp crushed red pepper flakes (or to taste)
1 tsp Italian seasoning
2-3 tbs extra virgin olive oil

In a saucepan, place evoo, crushed red pepper, and garlic.  Cook and stir over medium heat until garlic is light brown.  Add tomatoes and Italian seasoning and stir.  Cook over low heat at least 15 minutes. Season with salt if desired. (I don't find it necessary) Keep warm until ready to serve.

To serve, place squash on a plate with chicken next to it, ladle sauce over squash (and chicken if desired).  I like to serve mine with a green salad.
Monday's Menu
Breakfast:protein shake made with skim milk, chia, blueberries
Lunch: quinoa w/ veggies and mozzarella 
Snack: watermelon and pineapple with pepper jack cheese
Dinner: chicken parm with spaghetti squash and chunky tomato sauce
Snack: banana with peanut butter

No workout Monday, it was supposed to be yoga day and we all know how I feel about that :-p

Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Houseguest

There is nothing like having a house guest to make you clean like a meth fiend!!! Today, we have a police trainee moving in with us while he goes to the academy.  I know, I know, I am the best for opening my home :) stop, I'm blushing, no, really, stop.

So, we had to clean up C's room after I dropped him off at the airport, and the bathroom what he shares with H.  Including cleaning out C's closet, so that our guest, T, will have a place for his crap. That was accomplished, including all linens washed, bathtub scrubbed, and medicine cabinet cleaned out so T has a place to put his crap. Whew!  I told the hubster that we need to have people move in more often, it is very motivating!

After that, T came over while the hubster and I did our workout.  And he needed to put 2 giant tubs of egg whites in our fridge. (He's an amateur bodybuilder and needs a lot of protein) And the fridge wasn't super clean, and there wasn't any room in there, so we cleaned it out and washed all the shelves.  And T used Clorox wipes to clean the rubber gaskets around the door and he told me about black mold. Talk about fun!! What a way to spend my Saturday.

Did I mention that Charlie and Bruce hate house guests?  They forget that we have one whenever he goes to the bathroom or up to his room, and when he comes back, they go into spasms and fits of barking like they think he is going to steal our tv.  And Bruce is a nipper, so he jumps up and tries to bite his hands. I bet I know what you are thinking! That this sounds like the most perfect paradise ever. I know, I can hardly believe it myself!!! They are resting now, since T has gone out for the evening.

Tomorrow we are supposed to go to a beach barbecue. I am hoping for some good fun, I kind of want to rock a bikini, but: a. My belly still folds over when I sit down and b. I am a very pale white girl and don't want to get a sunburn on my tummy, nor do I want to blind people with my startling whiteness when the sun hits me.  If only I could sparkle like the vampires in Twilight, that would make my paleness worth it.  I need a spraytan, stat!!
We had a great time at the beach!!!! It is amazing how relaxing it is to go hang out there for the day. I felt like I had taken a whole vacation and we were only there 4 hours.

We took my daughter and my oldest niece, B with us.  The girls had a great time playing in the waves and digging for sand crabs.  H convinced B to bury her in the sand.  

I decided to wear the bikini after all, and I knew I had made the right choice when the hubster said wow. I still need to wear a higher rise bottom because I have a little pooch I am still working on, but I felt completely comfortable all day and not self conscious. Thank you, Mike Karpenko and TapouT XT!!!!  Neutrogena Wet Skin SPF 100 had my back in the sun, so no burning!

All in all, it was a productive and fun weekend!!

Saturday's Menu

Breakfast: 2 turkey sausage patties with 2 eggs topped with lowfat cheddar
Lunch: chicken fajita pita from Jack in the Box with a salad and Bolthouse yogurt ranch 
Dinner: salsa turkey with cottage cheese grits (see recipe below) I wish I had a picture, but we ate every last bite!!

Workout: ripped conditioning from TapouT XT. Lots of resistance band work to build your biceps, triceps, chest, shoulders, and back. I love this one, it leaves my arms feeling like limp noodles.

Sunday's Menu
Breakfast: banana and coffee
Lunch: quinoa w/ veggies and mozzarella 
Dinner: bbq beef, brown rice, tortilla chips and 6 layer dip, Persian kabobs w/ saffron rice, crab leg and lobster tail, half an ear of corn.  Dump cake for dessert. (I know it sounds like a lot, but it was like a tasting menu, a little of everything)
Snack: freeze dried pineapple and a few pretzel crisps

Workout: Muay Thai. I love this one, it is a lot of punching and kicking and it leaves me a sweaty tired mess.

Salsa Turkey
1 pkg ground turkey
1 16 oz jar of chunky salsa

Brown turkey in frying pan.  Add jar of 
salsa, stir and heat.  Serve over cottage cheese grits.

Cottage Cheese Grits

4 cups of water
1 cup of quick grits
1 cup of cottage cheese
1/2 cup lowfat shredded cheddar cheese (more or less to taste)

1. Bring water to a boil in sauce pan
2. Stir in grits, lower heat cover and cook        5 minutes or until thickened
3. Stir in cottage cheese and cheddar

Friday, July 12, 2013

This is my confession...(credit to Usher for the use of his lyrics)

I cannot break my addiction to Coke Zero.  I love Coke Zero like a fat kid loves cake.  It is the fruit of my loom.  It's not just a beverage, it's my best friend.  Do I need to continue???  Seriously, this is a problem. I know that it is as bad for my teeth as meth (which I am not addicted to, so don't judge me for loving a sugar free drink, it could be so much worse!!)

  I have managed to get it down to one a day (usually).  I drink water or iced tea, and always, always, always, I have a cup of coffee from my beloved Keurig with coffeemate each morning.  I also really like seltzer water and club soda (the low sodium kind).  Have you tried La Croix mineral water?  It is the shizzle fo sho!  No artificial anything, just bubbly water and natural flavors with no sugar.  The hubster thinks it tastes like ass. 
It doesn't, for the record.

Should I feel bad that I can't (won't, to be honest) stop drinking Coke Zero?  I do so many other good things.  I mean, I'm not drowning kittens or anything, just ingesting a potentially poisonous liquid combination of artificial ingredients and chemicals. I know I should stop.  I know it is bad for me.  I know that my kidneys would appreciate the break.  But it tastes so dang good.  Why, why, why does it have to taste so good????? 

And that is my confession!  My name is Lisapedia, and I am a Coke Zero addict.

Friday's Menu

Breakfast: 2 turkey sausage patties w/2 scrambled eggs, lowfat cheddar cheese
Lunch: quinoa with roasted veggies and fresh mozzarella 

Snack:  banana with peanut butter (would you expect anything less?)
Dinner: my MIL made Korean food tonight: bulgogi and kalbi with rice.  OMG, it was bomb!!!

Workout: we didn't (wah wah wah!)  it was supposed to be TapouT XT plyo, but it was C's last night at home, and we went to my MIL's house.  I don't feel bad about missing it.  This was the first day of week 7 and according to my calendar, I have missed 3 workouts.  (I have to confess at this time that we do not do the yoga video that is supposed to be on day 4 of each week. I freakin hate that video.  It is a workout for the arms that is being sold as yoga.  It is so not yoga. I have been to yoga.  You do not do a bajillion planks in a real yoga class.  WTF!?!?!? I wish the program had a stretch video like P90x.  I really liked that one. We loaned our set to a friend and it has disappeared. Poop!!! I HATED P90x yoga.  That was some complete BS. 45 minutes of vinyasas?? Really, Tony Horton?  The last half was actually pretty good, though.  Although I have to confess that my two favorite poses were happy baby and corpse.  I wonder why???? Lazy, party of 1!)

Enjoy the weekend!!!!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Return to the Land of Normal

Now that all of the Vegas fun is over, it is time to return to Normal.  Back on track with my eating and exercise, back on track with all of the boring chores that need to be done.

Last night, I made a yummy tray of roasted veggies. They are super delicious and I can't wait to mix them with my quinoa and some fresh mozzarella balls for lunch.  I write this as I am just finishing breakfast. Man, I love to eat!!! 
I roasted them in a 9x11 pan at 350 for an hour. I drizzle them with EVOO and sprinkle with garlic salt, but you can use whatever seasonings you like best.

C goes back to North Carolina on Saturday, so we have some visits to go make today to his grandfather and his great great aunt.  Then we are going to the Goodwill to drop off another few bags of clothes and some bikes that we aren't using anymore.  What a busy day we have ahead.

Today also marks the midpoint of our TapouT XT program. I will share my day 60 pics in a few weeks so you can see my progress so far.  If you are just starting to lose weight and workout, I highly suggest taking before and after pics from the front and the side so you can see your body changing.  When I feel like I am losing motivation, I go back to look at my pics and see how far I've come. The scale sometimes (most of the time) doesn't show your progress as well as pictures do!
The pic on the right is before I started working out and changing my diet.  I looked at that pic and I thought, wow, I look really big. And I decided that I needed to change.  The pic on the left was taken this weekend, I am in the white top. Sometimes I feel like I lost 10 lbs just from my face! 

Wednesday's menu
Breakfast: pancakes made with 1 mashed banana and 2 eggs mixed together, topped with sf syrup
Lunch: leftover spaghetti
Snack:  banana with peanut butter
Dinner: top sirloin steak with veggies and quinoa
My quinoa is mixed with fresh basil, and a vinaigrette of balsamic vinegar and EVOO
Snack: dried apples 

Workout: Sprawl and Brawl from TapouT XT. This workout is punching, elbowing, kneeing, mixed with lunges, planks, mountain climbers and sit-ups. 

Thursday's menu:
Breakfast: leftover steak with one scrambled egg
Lunch: 2 chicken soft tacos w/ a little beans and rice. SeƱor Baja I didn't get to eat my quinoa and veggies because we were out doing errands at lunchtime :(
Snack: banana with peanut butter
Dinner: Joe's Crab Shack: peel n eat shrimp appetizer, salad, 1/2 Samuel Adams steampot

Workout: it is rest day, whoopee!!