Friday, August 2, 2013

Finally Friday!!

Hello, all! I am so glad it's Friday! When you are off for the summer, you forget how good you feel at the end of the day on Friday. I only taught 2 days this week, and spent 2 setting up my classroom. I am exhausted and need this weekend badly!!

I managed to keep up with my workouts this week, with the exception of Tuesday, when I had dinner with some girlfriends.  I am happy to say that I start week 10 of TapouT XT today. The time has gone by so fast. We are already thinking ahead to what we can do when we are finished. I have a ton of videos that really are now useless to me, because I am beyond the fitness level that they are intended to serve! I have finally found the fit girl that was hiding inside me and it feels really good!

Also, my eating has been pretty on point this week. I didn't even have a cheat meal, and I stayed under my calories all week.  I have been eating small portions, rounding out my lunch with a salad and yogurt dressing, and eating mostly fruit for snacks. Despite this, my scale is showing a small gain, but I have been really bloated (I know this because my ring wouldn't slide off like it usually does). More water is definitely needed. It is hard to get it in when you are teaching though.

I am loving my class so far. I had a few criers, but for the most part, the kids are sweet and willing to follow directions.

Here are my diet logs:



Monday: rest day
Tuesday: off due to dinner with friends
Wednesday: cross core combat
Thursday: rest day
Friday: competition core

Gotta rest up, back to work again Monday!!!

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