Monday, August 5, 2013

Work Hard, Play Harder

On Saturday night, the hubster and I went out with another couple. We had intended to go cosmic bowling, and we headed over to a new bowling alley near our friends' house, which was convenient since H was babysitting for them so they could go out.

We arrived at the bowling alley, and we encountered a really fun-looking, large bar, where a live band was playing classic rock and pitchers of beer were selling for $13.50 (you call it, Coors Light was the same price as imports!!!). Needless to say, no bowling occurred that night, but we shared some pitchers and played shuffleboard and darts and enjoyed people watching all night! And we had some nachos and assorted fried foods for our cheat night!!! Yum.

The next day, I was sick. (This is girl code for hungover.) I did absolutely nothing for most of the day, until I managed to get myself together enough to go grocery shopping. After that, I came home and was asleep by 9 pm. We didn't even do our workout. :(

On the brighter side, I am super jazzed at how much our grocery bill has gone down since I stopped buying processed foods. I could spend $200 a week easily when we were eating from a box. This week, I spent $133. Score!! We are eating great stuff like steak, chicken breast, and salmon. We are going out way less as well, so this eating cleaner plan is not only making us healthier, it is saving us a crapload of money as well.

On non-cheat days, I am having a hard time meeting my calorie goal.  For example, I need to eat 500 more calories tonight. There is no way that is going to happen. I am afraid of eating too much and I am afraid of eating too little.  I eat when I am hungry for the most part, but my snacks are usually fruit, so they aren't calorie heavy, and my meals are pretty small as well. I would like, in an ideal world, to have 3 meals that are around 400 calories and a few snacks that added up to about 400 calories. That would get me to my 1600 goal easily. It's hard to do when I am working, though, since there aren't many breaks.  I even have trouble getting enough water in; today, I only had one 20 oz travel cup.  When I stay home, I drink at least 3. Now, I am dehydrated and have a headache when I work out. Boo!


Sunday - skipped 
Monday- it's yoga day which usually means no workout, but I feel like I need to do something, especially since we didn't workout yesterday!

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