Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Viva Las Vegas! (Part 1)

We have returned from our birthday celebration trip to Vegas. (Happy Bday, C!) I spent this morning attempting to catch up on my sleep, because we slept a combined total of 8 hours this weekend. 

We arrived in Vegas on Saturday and the first thing the hubster and I did was our workout. We are freaking dedicated!!! After that, we all got dressed and headed out for the evening.

After a yummy dinner at the Pub at the Monte Carlo (appetizers, half a blue cheese burger, some fries, and a beer, noms) we saw Blue Man Group. The hubster and I had seen it before about 10 years ago, but we wanted to take the kids because we thought they would love it.  Of course, they did! 

We brought our friends, E & J to Vegas with us, too!! We had a blast at the show.
This is the fam and E at the Show.

After the show, we took H over to the New York New York to ride the roller coaster. It was a long walk in my high shoes and my dogs were barking for sure.  It cost me $14 per kid to ride the roller coaster (ouch!!!!) and we made C go with her because we didn't want to. Then we had to wait around in an arcade for them to get off. Being in an arcade is super fun, said no parent ever!! (Except Dave and Buster's, that's a bar with an arcade attached and is way more fun!!)

After the coaster, we had to take H back to the hotel so we could take C out gambling for the first time.  We hit the Tropicana craps table, and C let the dice fly and 30 minutes later, he was up over $100 and so was the hubster, yay!!! 

E had been saying that she wanted some hot wings, so we walked to Hooters for some wings (they have a 24 hour Hooters restaurant in the Hooters hotel).  First we played the giant dice digital craps game, which was lot of fun and again we were winners!!! Hells yeah!!!

Into the restaurant for wings, yummy!!! The hubster and I split the order of 10, and we ate a couple of C's fried pickles. And we headed back to our hotel at 4 am for a nap!!!

And that was Vegas, part 1

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