Friday, June 28, 2013

Pond Life

Happy Friday, everyone!! It was a balmy 105 here in California today.  The heat is on, and someone is going to crank it even higher tomorrow and Sunday!

The hubster and I took on some errands and yard work today.  Super fun---NOT!

First, we had to buy a new pump for our pond. The one we had was 8 years old and had been repaired once.  Ka-ching!! Our account is now minus $422. Perfect timing, since we are off to Vegas next weekend :(

Then, we dropped off a bajillion bags of clothes at the Goodwill. Seriously, I am a shopper, ya'll. We still have a ton of stuff we need to go through, my drawers and closet are overflowing.  Seeing the effects of my consumerism gathered in those 2 big rolling blue tubs was sobering. I don't need to buy half the crap I bring home. Why is it so hard to stop shopping???

After that, we had dinner at Wahoo's Fish Taco. I had a Wahoo bowl with Cajun fish and white beans and brown rice. I only ate half, because it was huge!!!

Then, we came home to install our new pond pump. It should have been as easy as connecting it and turning it on, but haha, not so much!  We spent an hour monkeying around with it, and the hubster jumped into the pond (eeeewwww, fish poo water) in his manties (men's panties LOL) to clear out the drain. I wish I had my phone so you could see him in his soaking wet boxers.

In the end, we realized we were missing a seal, so we found it, put it in and voila! Our pond is back in business!!

Happy note: our son C is coming home on leave tomorrow for a couple of weeks. He is serving in the Army. We are super excited.
That's him, smiling for the camera as he runs by!! After writing this, we found out he had to change his flight due to weather and he won't be here until
Monday, boo!

Today's menu (so far)
Breakfast: chicken sausage, rice cakes, salad with light Asian dressing
Snack: lowfat cheese with 5 triscuits
Dinner: half a Wahoo bowl (fish, beans, brown rice)
I will need to eat one more meal after I work out, probably the other half of my bowl. I had a protein shake with pineapple and chia seeds instead of leftovers.

Workout: plyo XT :*(

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